Sunday, June 27, 2010

Parade of Hats: Day 4

Mmmmm! KFC!! Do you know those people who worked at a fast food place, learned their secrets, and never wanted to eat the food there again? Well, those people didn't work at KFC, and those people weren't me. To this day, I love my Kentucky Fried Chicken. Are the biscuits frozen? Yes. Does that make them any less delicious? No. Are the pot pies and barbeque chicken sandwiches made from leftover chicken that didn't sell? Yes. Does that matter? NO. The food is simply amazing, and I wish I had the secret to the Original Recipe, but I don't. The spices come premixed.

KFC was my first real job. I was there a year and a half during high school before we all got laid off when the store went out of business. I was hired making 5.45 and when I became a shift supervisor my pay got bumped to 6.50. Man, I thought I was rolling in dough! Pretty soon minimum wage is going to be six figures and my grandchildren won't be able to comprehend working for such a small amount of money.

My favorite part of working for KFC was working with Braxton. We had a lot of fun playing "Name that Sound" over the headsets and creating our own special recipes. I also remember an incident involving a frozen glove that makes me smile.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Parade of Hats: Day 3

This is what I call my "army" hat. I figure that if I had been in the army I would have a hat like this. I think I got this at an army surplus store, so it's gotta be pretty legit. So I took this hat to give me some street cred when I went on a 2 week backpacking trek with boy scouts. I think I was 14. Anyway, while there we got to shoot shotguns, so I shot this hat with a shotgun. One time I accidentally left it in my friends van. I think I was 16. Anyway, when I asked about it later they said they had set it on fire and thrown out on the street. They felt bad and told me where they did it. Miraculously after a week it was still there! It has some ear flaps that come down and those ear flaps used to have some fuzzy felt stuff on them.... but they burned up, so I cut out the burnt part. Now I'm 26 and I still love this hat. We've been through a lot together. Or rather IT has been through a lot....because of me.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Parade of Hats: Day 2

I love this hat! The only thing I remember from going to the circus is that I got a snow cone. It was one of those snow cones that actually came in a cone and had very little flavor. I'm sure I loved it though. Of course this memory could actually just be a figment of my imagination, or a transplanted memory from when I went to see Hulk Hogan. Anyway, this hat is the bomb.

Yesterday I played some tennis with Alan. It's something we talked about doing for the past three years, but it never happened until now. I get the feeling like I hold my tennis racket like a girl. Well, not like a girl tennis player. More like a girl computer programmer. Yes! That's it! I hold my tennis racket like a girl computer programmer. Now all my muscles ache due to the physical activity that I customarily avoid.

Oh, and I hate to stereotype female computer programmers. I'm sure there are some that are very good at tennis.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Parade of Hats: Day 1

Hey guys! Guess what. I have a lot of hats! You never see me wearing them because no one ever taught me how. So, I've collected all these hats over the years, and I'm going to show them off on my bliggity-blog. The problem is the camera on my phone isn't that great. Oh well. Such is life. I believe this hat to be a houndstooth fedora with a green and red feather. I collected this one while working at Dillards. It was marked down a lot. My guess is that people these days just don't appreciate style, so no one bought it until my keen eye came along. You see what I mean about not knowing how to wear hats? Look at me! I'm downright laughable! Go ahead; have a good chuckle.
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Saturday, June 05, 2010


Becca and I have officially entered the nesting phase. The past couple of weeks we've been decorating the baby room and in the process thinking of ways to add decor to the rest of our home. I love it. I'm about to go saw the end off of an old door so we can over time transform it into a new headboard. The best part is that these projects result in us getting exactly what we want without paying a ton of money.

So, a lot of people aren't wondering what my thoughts are on becoming a father. Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. I'm totally ready for fatherhood. First off, I have a world famous pancake recipe that would knock your socks off. Second, I'm constantly turning off the television in order to protect it from the dreaded burn in. Third, I'm training my bladder so that whenever I gather the family into the car to go on some fun outing, I'll suddenly have to get out of the car and leave them waiting while I have a talk with mother nature. Forth, while I have never changed a diaper, I HAVE held down a baby while Becca changed her. Fifth, my BBQ skills are improving slowly but surely. I finally got our little grill to put out some real heat. The only thing I have to work on is watching Larry King without losing my mind.