Tuesday, December 09, 2008

To Defend My Honor

Becca's picture of our tree made it look tiny! It's not that small. Really. Here's a picture of us standing in front of it. You can clearly see that when put in the proper perspective, it's really a great tree. Here's to you Charlie Brown.

Wordy Water Way Wacky

A co-worker brought this in to work yesterday. It's a real advertisement from a real magazine. Believe me. This is not your ordinary hoody.

Wow. Those are some interesting facts. I mean, of course I knew that the intent of words can change the structure of water. That's basic chemistry/linguistics, but there is no way that we are 70% water. It's absolutely ridiculous. It's amazing what kind of stuff people will make up to earn a buck (in this case 79 bucks). Why don't they just market mugs with positive words written on them? That would make more sense. There's no reason to lie about the make up of the human body. It made them lose all credibility. If I end up buying these for every single friend and family member, It will be because of the giant DNA molocule eating Earth, and not the words printed on the inside, that's for dang sure.