Friday, June 11, 2010

Parade of Hats: Day 1

Hey guys! Guess what. I have a lot of hats! You never see me wearing them because no one ever taught me how. So, I've collected all these hats over the years, and I'm going to show them off on my bliggity-blog. The problem is the camera on my phone isn't that great. Oh well. Such is life. I believe this hat to be a houndstooth fedora with a green and red feather. I collected this one while working at Dillards. It was marked down a lot. My guess is that people these days just don't appreciate style, so no one bought it until my keen eye came along. You see what I mean about not knowing how to wear hats? Look at me! I'm downright laughable! Go ahead; have a good chuckle.
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Celia said...

Nathan covets this. Was this a Savers find?