Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ode to Modest Midnight Showers

Closing eyes in hopes of rest,
sweaty shirt stuck to my chest,
beads of sweat form on my face,
I'm already a basket case.
I need relief from this steamy sheet
I've got a beef with the summer heat
To the shower for half an hour
Till all my clothes are soaked with power

Back to bed to feel the breeze
of the fan that cools my knees
Asleep to dream of want and wishing
Of the day when I'll have air conditioning.

Listen to this......Put aside your misplaced values and tireless pride for one moment and listen to the advice of a young man trying to help you. HAVE GOOD AIR CONDITIONING and USE IT. My life is completely different now. I fall asleep without having to shower with all my clothes on. No box fans. No sweltering heat. Only love and comfort. I used to be miserable from June 1st to September 1st. There was no escaping the heat. Me and Alan used to have a thermometer in our room. We would check the thermometer and google to compare the indoor and outdoor temperatures. At night I would wait until the outside temp was one degree lower than the indoor temp. Then I would open the window and turn on the box fan to suck in that cool delicious 91 degree weather to alter the climate of our 92 degree room. I hated life more than I hate politics. And anyone that knows me or has had the misfortune of crossing my path while on the campaign trail knows that is saying something.