Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why I Won't be Seeing The Book of Mormon Musical

On Facebook I saw a link to an article entitled "Why I Won't be Seeing the Book of Mormon Musical". I didn't read the article, but it's the inspiration for this post. So, here are MY reasons for not seeing it.

  • I never liked South Park
  • Tickets are like 175 buckaroonies a piece
  • It's in New York
  • It's probably pretty offensive
  • I don't particularly like musicals of any kind
  • We would need a babysitter 
  • I wouldn't know how to dress for it
I know this list has enriched your lives. So, most of my blogging energy has been going into my coaching blog or leaving comments on Alan's blog after every holiday. I should really post here more often. Lately I've been working, playing with Ruby, and sleeping. I should really have more adventures so I have something to post here more often. That leaves me with insights from my unique point of view as a 27 year old, white, middle-class, male. A Mormon who went to BYU, served a mission in South America, went back to BYU where he met his wife, and now lives in Utah. Oh wait! That's right! My point of view isn't unique at all! 

I'm watching Ruby right now so Becca can sleep in. Ruby is currently trying to eat our new camera. She only has two teeth, so I'm not worried about her getting very far. It's in a bag too. Now she got herself stuck in a corner and is trying to navigate herself out of it. She just said "dada". As far as I can tell, "dada" means "I like to make sounds and dada happens to be one of them". Now she's working on the camera again. 

In summary, I'm happy. We're anticipating some changes in our lives, but for now, we're just enjoying the present by hanging out with friends, eating good food, and watching horrible movies.