Sunday, June 27, 2010

Parade of Hats: Day 4

Mmmmm! KFC!! Do you know those people who worked at a fast food place, learned their secrets, and never wanted to eat the food there again? Well, those people didn't work at KFC, and those people weren't me. To this day, I love my Kentucky Fried Chicken. Are the biscuits frozen? Yes. Does that make them any less delicious? No. Are the pot pies and barbeque chicken sandwiches made from leftover chicken that didn't sell? Yes. Does that matter? NO. The food is simply amazing, and I wish I had the secret to the Original Recipe, but I don't. The spices come premixed.

KFC was my first real job. I was there a year and a half during high school before we all got laid off when the store went out of business. I was hired making 5.45 and when I became a shift supervisor my pay got bumped to 6.50. Man, I thought I was rolling in dough! Pretty soon minimum wage is going to be six figures and my grandchildren won't be able to comprehend working for such a small amount of money.

My favorite part of working for KFC was working with Braxton. We had a lot of fun playing "Name that Sound" over the headsets and creating our own special recipes. I also remember an incident involving a frozen glove that makes me smile.


Cannon said...

I've already got my seat reserved on University Avenue. Can't wait to see the rest of parade of hats this 4th of July. If you found a hat that stored lots of throwing candy... or chicken I'd probably be able to get more friends to show up too.

Katy said...

I'm glad KFC wasn't ruined for you. Tragically my current postion at a "private wealth management" firm is giving me an aversion to money and prosperity.