Saturday, June 26, 2010

Parade of Hats: Day 3

This is what I call my "army" hat. I figure that if I had been in the army I would have a hat like this. I think I got this at an army surplus store, so it's gotta be pretty legit. So I took this hat to give me some street cred when I went on a 2 week backpacking trek with boy scouts. I think I was 14. Anyway, while there we got to shoot shotguns, so I shot this hat with a shotgun. One time I accidentally left it in my friends van. I think I was 16. Anyway, when I asked about it later they said they had set it on fire and thrown out on the street. They felt bad and told me where they did it. Miraculously after a week it was still there! It has some ear flaps that come down and those ear flaps used to have some fuzzy felt stuff on them.... but they burned up, so I cut out the burnt part. Now I'm 26 and I still love this hat. We've been through a lot together. Or rather IT has been through a lot....because of me.

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KJV said...

Maybe you got it at that place in Amarillo. Or maybe you got it at Smith & Edwards north of Ogden, the same time we bought that inert artillery shell that you (or was it I?) just had to have. Still have it. Don't know how to get rid of it. I guess, bury it with me when I die.