Sunday, December 11, 2011

Customers of Size

I was taking a look at the Southwest Airlines Policies and saw a link that said "Customers of Size". I like their policy. It makes sense. If you are so big that you can't fit in one seat, you have to pay for two seats, BUT if the flight was not full, you can request a refund of the additional seat.

So, this got me thinking. If I like to stretch out on the plane, can I buy two seats for one passenger? And then get a refund if the flight isn't full? That would be great!

I can see it now. I'm sitting in my usual window seat on the airplane as the other passengers are looking for a place to plop down. One by one they point to the seat next to me and say, "Do you mind if I sit here?" Then every time I get to respond, "No. That's where my feet will be." If they have a problem with it, I'll show them my "special needs" ticket and tell them to be on their way to that row on the back with the seats that don't even recline. Then after the flight, I can get a refund (assuming the flight wasn't full).

There's no way they would let me though. Companies are always discriminating against "customers not of size".