Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bought a Space Heater for Ruby’s Room

Well, Old Man Winter is here. What happened to autumn? I really wish liberals hadn’t made up climate change in an attempt to usurp power and regulate every aspect of our lives. What do we have to show for it? A ridiculously subsidized ethanol industry and no more autumn or spring. Obama must really like skiing and swimming, and hate blooming flowers and changing leaves. In 2012, vote against anyone who says, “climate change” in any context. If we just stop giving it attention it will go away. That’s what happened to Y2K. No one talks about it anymore, and it went away. In all seriousness though, in my non-expert opinion, people’s hot air causes more global warming than SUVs. The graph below should illustrate my point. It shows the average high temperature in Springville, UT the first 7 months of Obama’s presidency. Way to go Obama. At this rate we’ll all be dead in a couple of years.

So, we got a coupon in the mail for Lowe’s and decided to get a space heater to keep Ruby’s room warm while not wasting heat on the office, kitchen, bathrooms, living room, etc... I found one for $18 that had good reviews. Well, the coupon was for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more, so we walked around looking for anything else we might need. After a few minutes it became obvious that we didn’t really “need” anything, so it was pointless to spend $32 in order to “save” $10. We just bought the heater and then went to Old Navy where we also had a coupon, but didn’t buy anything. Back to the heater. It’s really good for being so cheap. It has a thermostat and a cool safety feature that shuts the unit off if it is ever knocked over. I’m impressed with the amount of heat it puts out on the 800 watt setting. It also has a 1500 watt setting, but so far there hasn’t been any need to use it. I expect that the gas company will start sending us checks instead of bills with all the energy we’re saving.

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