Wednesday, November 17, 2010

14 Things

Below are 14 things I’ve done so far this month. I would say they are in no particular order, but that would be a lie. Can you guess the order? Okay, don’t even bother because if you can figure it out, your genius will scare me too much. Here’s the answer: I translated them into Spanish and then alphabetized them in ascending order by the first word and returned them to English while maintaining the order.

1.Ate at the Pizza Pie Café with Coworkers
2.Bought a space heater for Ruby’s room
3.Created a Poll for CONNECT! 2011
4.Gave Ruby her baby blessing
5.Started making my Christmas wish list
6.Started Planning CONNECT! 2011
7.Listened to “The Millionaire Mind” on CD
8.Went to the airport
9.Came up with an Idea that would change the world
10.Read the Letter Writing Chapters in Etiquette by Emily Post
11.Watched “The Walking Dead”
12.Got some LemiShine so ou
r dishes could actually look clean
13.Got a Flu Shot
14.Finished Christmas Shopping for my side of the family

So, there are 14 days left in this month and I intend to write a blog a day about the above topics in the above order. That will result in more blogging than I have done in a very long time. Since I’m counting today as day 1, here’s my first post:

Ate at the Pizza Pie Café with Coworkers

If you haven’t heard me go o
n and on about the Pizza Pie Café in Provo, let me just tell you…you’re in for a treat. It’s located in Provo near the Olive Garden, but on the other side of University Parkway where Albertsons used to be. It’s a Salad, Pizza, and Noodle buffet. The selections for your salad are fresh and appetizing and the pizza is good quality for a buffet, but what really gets me is their radiatori noodles with roasted red pepper sauce. OMG it’s TDF! (Read: Oh Em Gee it’s Tee Dee Eff!) It’s also pretty reasonably priced. With tax it’s about 7 bucks for the buffet and at dinner it’s more like 8. If you want to spring for a drink it’s a little bit more. If it were cheaper, say 6 bucks with a drink included at lunch time, I would be there every day. EVERY DAY. But, if it was that cheap everyone would be there every day and it would be too crowded and I couldn’t go anymore due to my dislike of crowds and long waits. Catch 22. Catch freaking 22. If you’re hungry, and want to eat until pepperoni is spilling out your ears, you know where to go.

So, yeah, we went there for lunch. I ate till I was sick. I hope to do it again soon.

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