Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bought Some LemiShine So Our Dishes Can Actually Look Clean

Our water is so hard, people use it to sharpen their diamond drill bits. Our water is so hard, it makes my abs jealous. Our water is so hard, Deep Thought can't solve it. Our water is so hard, Jack Bauer chose to sleep in when the president called to say it was about to attack LA.

Simple rinse agents won't cut it. The only thing that has worked so far is LemiShine. Our dishes were always cloudy and just got worse and worse. I thought we had bad detergent that wasn't washing off. Then I saw a bottle of LemiShine at Wal-Mart and the picture on the package showed our exact problem.

I bought it, tried it, and there's no going back. Our dishwasher still isn't that great. We have to rinse off our dishes before they go in there, but at least the washer doesn't make the dishes look dirtier.

If you have this problem...get this product.

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