Saturday, November 27, 2010

Watched "The Walking Dead"

If on Sunday night you turn on your TV and change the channel to AMC, you WILL see the Walking Dead. They show the previous week's episode, and then the new episode, and then they replay the new episode. Needless to say, they are a wee bit excited about this show. WITH GOOD REASON! It's a TV show about zombies. The violence may be graphic at times and it may not be for everyone, but it will teach you a lot if you let it. Consider the lists below.

Things I Learned from The Walking Dead.

1. The living need to stick together.
2. I should be grateful for living in a zombie free nation.
3. It's not really looting if 90% of the human population is dead.
4. Forgiveness is good.
5. Bravery is good.
6. Racism is bad.

Things I Learned in College.

1. Nothing

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Karen said...

I miss watching zombie scariness with you guys!