Wednesday, November 03, 2010


So, our lives have been pretty Rubycentric the past 6 weeks, but we've still been able to do cool things like going to Council Bluffs's Halloween Party and eating at many fine establishments (Noodles Co.). What's on my mind now is Ruby's baby blessing that is coming up. It has me thinking about what I want for this little girl and her future. Some things will probably make it in to the blessing, but some of them won't just because there isn't enough time. I still want these desires to be recorded in history though so what better place to do that than my blog?

--She will be the first woman on the moon.
--She will marry an age appropriate version of Zac Efron.
--Instead of storming out of the house screaming that she hates us, she'll storm into the house screaming she loves us.
--She'll never get a tattoo, but if she does, it will be of a velociraptor.
--Her first word will be buckminsterfullerene.
--She will watch Seinfeld, and love it, and quote it.
--She will turn down the presidency of the United States on the basis that the American People are coming off as a little too needy.
--She will star in a Die Hard movie with Bruce Willis.

That's actually just some of them. The really good ones are going in the blessing though. In all seriousity, I'm nervous about giving the blessing. If feels like a ton of pressure to do something for the first time in front of a large group of people. I want to memorize it and practice a few times, but it doesn't seem right for some reason. Instead I'm just thinking of some killer things to bless this girl with and I'll see what ends up coming out.

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Celia said...

Thanks for the shout out, Kyle (the subtle reference to Noodles). You and Becca are doing awesome. We're excited to come to the blessing on Sunday!

And "Rubycentric?" I like it. I live an "Elizacentric" life. I think parents should pick up on that phrase.