Thursday, July 15, 2010

Parade of Hats: Day 5

God Bless America! I meant to blog this one on the Fourth of July, but thanks to Becca and her family, I had something better to do on the Fourth than sit at home taking pictures of myself wearing patriotic hats. What happened today you ask? Well, I guess I had nothing better to do than take pictures of myself wearing patriotic hats. I can't really remember where I got this hat. I'm pretty sure it was a thrift store, and it might have been in Canby, Oregon. This is actually the hat I wear most frequently...once a year. Can you guess when?

A couple of weeks ago, Becca and I adopted a zero tolerance policy to preserve our home's cleanliness. So far it's working out great. If I change clothes I know that no article of clothing can go anywhere but my dresser, closet, or hamper. It's an amazing thing, if you never put anything on the floor, the floor is never cluttered! If dishes go directly into the dishwasher, there is never a pile of dishes in the sink! If you always flush the toilet, .... okay that was never a problem.

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KJV said...

You look very similar in every photo, as though you're the same person, but just wearing a different hat.