Thursday, February 18, 2010

Avoid Him!!!!

This is the Noid. Avoid the Noid! Man, I really miss this guy. I feel like it was irresponsible of society to avoid him into extinction. Does not our great power to impact the environment require us to take care to conserve the species we displace? Do we not contend to be more than animals following the law of survival of the fittest? While quite possibly the fittest, is living without the beauty and diversity of nature really surviving?

The Noid is gone forever and younger generations have never seen a living 7up Spot.

They are gone, but it's not too late for some of their friends. With your help, we can save these beautiful creatures.

1 comment:

Becca said...

The Noid is creepy. I barely remember him.

Why isn't 7Up the Uncola anymore? Since when is it a cola all of the sudden?

I only like the M&M guys during the Christmas commercials. BUT seeing them just now did make me want M&Ms, so, they did their job I guess.