Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year, New Resolutions

So far I've been quite pleased with 2010. This feels like my year, although, according to Chinese Restaurants my year is the year of the rat and won't happen again until I'm 36. Speaking of being 36, I'm trying really hard to be more athletic, or rather make people think I'm athletic. Being athletic was never a priority for me when I was younger. I attribute this to the fact that I associated athleticism with popularity, and I associated popularity with jerkiness. It seems more and more important as I get older though. The person I want to be plays tennis, runs 3 miles a day, throws around a football with friends, etc... I don't want that to be what my life is about, but I want it to be a part of my life. The principle road block in achieving this is the fact that I have vehemently avoided any form of physical activity for the past 25 years. I gots no skillz yo! I've never been good at throwing a football. When I play tennis I'm really good at knocking the ball over the fence, but unfortunately home runs don't count in tennis. As for running, I usually push myself too hard and fall down in a sweaty sick heap of asthma. Gross. Anyway. Being more athletic is a goal of mine this year.


Cannon said...

Looking at the post below, I think you made the right choice. There's so many goals in life that really aren't worthwhile... Actually scratch that. Add that post below to the list.

Katy said...

I just accidentally scrolled down a little bit to the aforementioned previous post and then I had to want to throw up a little bit. Thanks again, Kyle. You. are. great.

Kanwalful said...

I just randomly landed on your blog right now.

Love the comic on the top of this post.

Maybe you can start off with light aerobics and then get on to harder work-outs and sports. I need to get MUCH more physically active this year too. Sigh. A goal I can never achieve, the couch potato that I am.