Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic Games

There are some great things about the Olympics. It's fun to see sports other than Basketball and Football. I like seeing different countries compete and for the most part get along. I also like seeing different countries compete and sometimes cause a bit of controversy. It's also cool that the United States tends to clean up as far as the medal count is concerned. One great thing about being in a country where I know we'll end up with a ton of medals is that I can be happy for competitors from other countries when they win.

On the other hand, there are some things I really hate about the Olympics. I don't like how the difference between a gold medal and no medal can be a tenth of a second in a race or a tenth of a point in a subjectively judged competition. I guess it's ok because the same people seem to consistently win by that hundredth of a second, so it must be a measure of who is the better athlete, but come on, we need high tech timing devices to be able to tell who won! Oh, and this isn't a big deal, but I don't like the medals this year. Too wavy.

I know what it's like to be second place when first place is so close. It's called Doodle. I was almost the world champion of this online game. I would play it for hours and almost perfected the sport, but I could never beat some guy in Greece. His name was cyprusisgreek and he will haunt my dreams until my dying day.


Karen said...

I don't like the medals either! Too big. They look fake.

Cannon said...

People retire from sports but come back later all the time. Kyle, I think your moment for the gold in Doodle has come.

Celia said...

I think you should try again to be the best, Kyle. I think you have it in you now to beat this guy.

Also, i just read Cannon's comment. Yes that. I mean ditto.

Alan said...

Oh man. The medals are ugly. I'm actually following the olympics a lot more closely than I thought I would. I want to become a speed skater. I want a curling stone for a centerpiece. Kyle. You should play Doodle.