Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm usually not so controversial on my blog, but I just have to say that THIS is wrong. They should NOT be allowed to marry. It's not natural. Sure, let them do whatever they want, but we shouldn't call it marriage. It's sickening. That's not even the worst thing going on in the world. THIS is also happening! What the freak? What's happening to this country? I'm pretty sure the Bible is pretty clear on this subject.

But wait! I just found something even worse than both of these abominations! THIS is the most putrid disgusting thing anyone could ever witness. It makes a mockery of everything sacred about marriage. I don't even recognize the world I live in. This must truly be the end of days. Oh, wait, they're not married are they? I think they said they wouldn't get married until gay marriage was legal everywhere. We can't let that happen. This unholy union must not take place. Yes to Prop 8!


Celia said...

Kyle. First off, this blog is genius. Secondly, I think you are funny. Thirdly, I would enjoy reading a blog you wrote concerning your hate of the typology things, the fact that you are a thinker, or your amazing capabilities when it comes to packing. Just a thought.

Kyle said...

I don't "hate" the typology things. That's too strong of an emotion for a thinker like myself. I may do a blog on what I think about them though.

Ken said...

I like your new banner photo.