Thursday, April 16, 2009

Looks a lot like Christmas

Snow in April is like a frown on a Wal-mart greeter. It's like a tattoo of a motorcycle riding pig on an Amish milk maid. It's like a liberal on BYU campus. It's like paying seven bucks for a Five Buck pizza. It's like the Backstreet Boys in my CD player. It's just not natural. It shouldn't be. Of course it ALWAYS snows in April and it will probably snow in May, but just because it IS doesn't mean it should be.

Tomorrow is Friday. I live for the weekend. Ever since I beat school, the weekends have been pretty care free. I used to have to study or work on a project or do homework or not do any of those things but feel stressed about the fact that I'm not doing them. Now I can clock out of work Friday afternoon and not think about work again until Monday morning. It's awesome! If any of you are worried about graduating and entering the "real" world, DON'T! It's freaking amazing! Sure, getting an education is great and all, but not having to go to school is a wonderful feeling. Here's to the class of '09. Cheers.


karenanderson said...

No snow in April in Concord!! --but if you miss it, you can drive to the mountains. It's the best of both worlds!

Katy said...

Kyle, you have the perfect life: no finals, preternaturally sensitive touch lamp, and Roadhouse perpetually playing on AMC. Cheers to YOU, sir.