Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Large Hobo

Alan owes me a new pair of pants, because a receipt of his made me wet mine. What is a large hobo? I found this image online. It's only one number off the number on his receipt. Hmmm...Sinister. His hobo must have been one of another color. 

After further investigation, I discovered that this must be the large hobo he was talking about. That thing will pay for itself in no time at all. 

Tip of the Day - Teamwork

Teamwork is the art of making people do things for you and making them feel guilty if they don't. I'm not a fan of teamwork because I'm usually the one who is teamworked and not the one teamworking. If anyone ever approaches you with a proposition of teamwork you need to ask them a question followed by a rĂ©pondre toujours The question is, Whose team? No matter what answer they give, tell them to take their communist propaganda and socioeconomize it with their communal hammer and sickle.


Alan said...

yes! YESSS!!! I'm lovin' mine. He helps me scare children away when they come asking me if they can shine my shoes.

amanda said...

I have a student that says he learns invisibility skills and the ability to walk on the walls in his ninja class. If you end up purchasing a hobo like this one, I think I can hook him up, it may be worth the money to watch him walk on the wall.