Thursday, October 02, 2008

Lightning Strikes the Brittle Vein in the Forehead of my Mind

Kyle here, just sitting on the couch watching School of Rock and remembering the time I rented it and took it to Idaho with Lashley and Tania in search of the elusive Civil Defense Caves, tore up my car, had a lot of fun, ran around on a sand dune, had a lot of fun, and drove home while Lashley and Tania watched School of Rock in the back seat. I take credit for their future together. I wonder what they're up to? 

I saw the car of Council Bluffs's old girlfriend today. Picture to be posted soon. 

Also, it's Becca's birthday month! If you see her wish her a happy birthday. It's also my Mom's birthday month! If you see her wish her a happy birthday too. If you see me, don't wish me a happy birthday. You see it's not my birthday month. You see how that goes? I don't know what I'm talking about. 

Tip of the Day - Optimism

Optimism is all about seeing the good in every situation. For example, let's say someone insults the cut of your jib and get's up in your grill every time you see them. Look on the bright side! One day they will be dead and no one will miss them! Let's say you fail an important math exam. Look on the bright side! Seinfeld is probably on! Actually, that's the silver lining in every cloud. 
"I'm sorry, you are terminally ill and only have one month to live....and your dog likes Gilmore Girls"
"Does Seinfeld still exist?"


Lillian said...

Kyle... I will never be sad again.

Katy said...

A true story: This one time last week I was hanging up this picture on the wall but then the box of nails tipped over and the 7 different varieties of nails got all mixed up and they are my roommates and I wasn't sure how cool she'd be about that, so I spent an hour sorting through all the nails and putting them in their appropriate boxes, but Seinfeld was on so it didn't seem at all reminiscent of a Greek myth or fairy tale and I wasn't annoyed when a band of ants or something failed to show up to help me. That is my story.