Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lunar Cycle

I heard it through the grapevine that the moon is supposed to look really pretty tonight. I think I'll take the time to get a good look. Also, Becca and I have made it an entire Lunar Cycle as a married couple. You learn a lot of things after being married for a month. You learn that your partner is/isn't a werewolf. You learn that they do/don't hate you. You learn that they have/haven't a secret imaginary friend named Prince Foopletauser. You learn that they do/don't like full moons. In the case of Becca, she isn't a werewolf, doesn't hate me, hasn't an imaginary friend named Prince Foopletauser, and I'm pretty sure she likes full moons.

In Native American tradition, the full moon in June is referred to as the Strawberry moon. Picking the strawberries by the moonlight in June honors the crops and ensures a good strawberry harvest the next year. In Native Kyle tradition, the full moon in June is referred to as the Swimming Pool moon. Swimming by the moonlight in June honors the water and ensures a nice body and tan for the swimming season next year.

Ode to the Moon - A lovely Poem by Kyle

Crazy all weirded out Moon Man

Why don't you lay off and get out a spoon, man

Drink your Tang like a holiday

And do your thang all the day

Your rays and haze attract the gaze of yesterdays

Guide me through the maze of trays and doughnut glaze

Treat me kind; like a state flower

Please don't pick me for another hour

Crazy all weirded out Moon Man

This song sounds out of tune, man


Jessica said...

Much enjoyment.

amanda said...

I know that you have been married to Becca for a whie now, but I would like to point out that I have been able to be in her room for longer than you....I think I know things...she needs no moon to be a RAPTOR. AAAAHHH RAPTOR BECCA NOOOOOO.....

(amanda has now experienced the raptor attack we have all been preparing for, dang moon)

Katy said...

yeah, i thought the dinosaur theme at her bridal shower was pretty daring. You know, considering what she is. People were bound to draw conclusions. Guess the raptor's out of the bag now.