Friday, June 20, 2008

If my closet was eBay...

If my home were the internet, and my closet were eBay, this is what I would wear today.

Total Cost of Outfit= $113.87 + Shipping

The weekend is almost here again. I'm at work and it's 8:00pm. I only have one person left that I can call to collect from. His name is Al and he lives on the west coast. Hopefully he'll pay up. This weekend will be spent getting ready for the grand opening of our house/swanky summer celebration. I'm excited. There's a lot to do. I wonder if I should make a bunch of heart shaped ice. I have the capability, so why not? It's not St. Valentine's Day, but I am of the opinion that love should abound every day of the year, dagnabit.

I just called Al. He didn't answer, so I left a message telling him to call me back. He won't call back. They never call back. I'm still really excited about starting this new job. I'm not even worried about doing something I've never done before. Part of it is the fact that I'll only be interacting with a small, fixed, group of people. No customers to interact with. Just me and the bacteria. I think Becca should change her major to microbiology. That way she could be my lab tech and we can spend all day together. Just us and the bacteria. That would be nice.


Becca said...

I can't get over those shoes.

amanda said...

I think the two of you should create a microbiology lab in a shoe box that you can keep in your closet. This way becca can be your lab tech, you can grow bacteria and eventually die of the same diseases because you grew them together. If you are down, I will buy you an amphibian of some sort that you can start with. I hear the poo is like treasure for bacteria that grows disease