Thursday, May 01, 2008

Days Apart from my Betrothed: 3

I've been so anxious to move into our new apartment. I woke up early, went to the bank and then wandered around the mall until 2 O'clock when I could finally go to College Park and pick up the key. It was so much fun to open that door and see where Becca and I will be living. I could imagine where we will put the love seat, the TV, the coffee table, the bird cage, the compost heap, the trained walrus. It's going to look great. I moved in some stuff before I left, but there is still a lot to do tonight and tomorrow. Today was really slow at work. It's been hard to get back into the flow of collections. There's another Kyle working here now, so that really throws me off. It messes with my identity. It's so rare that there's another Kyle around. I'm Kyle. I can't wait to fall asleep on our apartment floor. Here's a funny story. I checked our mail and there was a package for Laura DeVore. I thought to myself, "what a coincidence. I know some DeVores." I figured that Brenton's wife must be named Laura or something and DeVore was her maiden name. It turns out that Laura DeVore is the wife of Devin and Darin's brother who lives in a different apartment in our complex. What a small world, eh?


Kyle said...

A very sad update:

It's night and there is no electricity in the apartment. Quite spooky. I'll never take electric lighting for granted again. Thank you Thomas Edison.


Lauren said...

So sad. I love reading yours and Becca's blogs because it takes me back to 7 years ago. I just keep thinking "Rookies!" I remember waiting for my wedding day, taking cold showers because we forgot to call the gas company, the trained walrus (oh wait, that was our kid!)