Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Days Apart from my Betrothed: 2

Last Friday my parents and Becca's parents came to see me dress up in a black robe and a funny hat while I shook hands with people I have never met before. We also ate bread baked onto a stick. Then I sat down in a car with Amanda, Becca, Jared, and Katy. The car took us to Disneyland. That was a pleasant surprise. While at Disneyland, Indiana Jones saved my life three times, I had some delicious chicken on a stick, and someone drew a picture of Becca and Devin DeVore. Then we went to In and Out and went to Uncle David's where I was far too tired and filthy to present myself properly. They were really nice and it was easy to see why Becca likes them so much. Her praises rang true. It would be impossible to write about everything that happened. There were miracles like winning an extra hour at Disneyland and disappointments like standing in line for a broken down Space Mountain. There were joys like sneaking a kiss from Becca when no one was looking on the Peter Pan ride and sadness like saying good-bye to Becca when it was time for her to go home. Now I don't really know what to do myself. I left the apartment where a secret friend is letting me stay, and just wandered around with no place to be and no one to talk to. I'm not a fan of this in between period. I want to get married and start this new chapter of life with Becca. The closest thing I can compare it to is the couple of weeks before my mission. Not knowing what it's going to be like, not knowing really how to prepare for it, just waiting anxiously for it to happen. Marriage is a lot more exciting and a lot longer of a commitment than a mission though.

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Lauren said...

Yes, marriage is a slightly longer commitment than a mission. And you can't request a transfer if your companion gets on your nerves... :)