Saturday, May 03, 2008

Days Apart from my Betrothed: 5

Today I set up the TV. It resulted in me getting very little done. I think I invented the most pathetic thing in the world tonight....the act of sitting on the floor alone in a partially furnished apartment watching a chick flick on a Saturday night. I need Becca. Had she been here, I could have done the exact same activity and it would have been perfectly acceptable. A lot more fun too. The best thing of today was having the bed delivered. It'll be nice to have a bed to sleep on tonight. The worst thing of today was finding out that the gas isn't set up and it will take a week to get it set up. That means a week of cold showers, a week of cold nights, and a week of cold food.

You know when you see a panda and then you feel like there are pandas crawling over you all day? Well, the same thing happened to me, only with a bug instead of a panda. I was on the floor watching a chick flick that will remain unnamed. I felt something tickling my neck, reached back, and grabbed one of those Park Place parking lot bugs off of my neck. You know the ones. They're EVERYWHERE! Even here. So now everything feels like one of those disgusting bugs. What I hate about them is that they don't even seem to care how annoying they are. At least spiders will run away and hide. A spider has the motto, "live to annoy another day". A Park Place parking lot bug has the motto, "hmmm....I think I'll crawl on this". Stupid bugs.


Katy said...

Park Place Parking Lot Bugs are like garbanzo beans, in that I hate them with the fire of a million suns.

Lauren said...

My husband says, "If he's 5 days away from getting married he could probably use a couple of cold showers."