Friday, May 30, 2008

Creative Genius

Why am I not creative? I see things like family photos of E.T. and Michael Jackson and I think, "Why didn't I think of it first?" Of course! Now that I don't have to waste all my brain on school I should be putting it to good use. I could.....put moustaches on E.T. and Michael Jackson for instance. Or I could add Mr. T and Mary Jane from Spiderman. Then I could have two M.J.s a Mr.T and an E.T. Brilliant. You know, if I quit my job, I could concentrate my efforts on the M.J. squared Mr. E.T. moustache industry. I don't have the guts to do it though. I'm just not good at taking risks. I'll have to eventually though. Otherwise, in 20 years me and Becca will still be living in Provo and I'll still be working at Platinum. No Way. If I don't have a good job when Becca graduates we should start a business where we catch lions in Africa and sharks in....the ocean or wherever sharks are. Then we'll teach the lions to swim and the sharks to walk. Then we'll have a reality T.V. show where the Lions and Sharks have to live together in an apartment with Billy Crystal, Pauly Shore, Richard Simmons, and the blond guy from "Wings". It would be a freaking HIT! I just know it. Here is a list of things I will need to be like the creator of this E.T + MJ photo.
-Creative Genius
-A Creative Outlet
-A Computer with Windows 95 or better
- A Memory of the 80s
- A Supportive Wife
- Sonicare toothbrushes
Wow! I already have 4 of the 7 things! I just need creative genius, a creative outlet, and guts! That should be easy. A quick trip to Wikihow will give me all the information I need.
Okay I searched for "Creative Genius" and I found "How to be a cute genius"
I searched for "A Creative Outlet" and I found "How to install an electrical outlet from scratch"
I searched for "Guts" and I found "How to make fake guts for a Halloween party"
With these new talents, no Halloween party, electrical outletless wall, or genius beauty competition will be the same again!

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Alan said...

I remember the 80s...