Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Not Work
I want's some free time! Sure, me and Becca get a little bit of free time, but I want LOTS of free time. Becca found out that in Cedar City they will be performing Cyrano de Bergerac. We're going to get away for a weekend sometime. I don't remember exactly when, but I do know it isn't this weekend, so it isn't soon enough. This weekend will be fun though. We have a lot of shopping we still need to do. Maybe I'll even have time to do a little sewing.
I have been successful as a collector because I found my niche. The problem now is that there is too much competition and everyone is about to take over my niche in order to survive. My competitive spirit screams, "BRING IT ON!!!" It's too bad that my competitive spirit only makes up .00001% of my overall spirit. Even my rodeo spirit is at .00002%. That reminds me that I haven't been to a good rodeo in a while. Anyways, this month isn't going to be a good month for collections. It may be time to seriously consider going to Salt Lake in search of employment. Here are the problems with Salt Lake:
I. It's far away
...A. Gas is Expensive
......1. $4.oo a gallon
......2. It will keep rising
...B. I waste my entire day commuting
......1. I'd rather be chillin' with my wife
......2. I hate traffic
...C. I'd be tripling my contribution to Global Warming
......1. I don't really care about Global Warming
......2. I like it warm
......3. A couple degrees a decade doesn't bother me
......4. I'll invest in a swimsuit manufacturer
II. It's not close
...A. Gas isn't Cheap
......1. $4.00 a gallon
......2. It won't get any lower
...B. I spend less time out of the car
......1. Less time with my wife
......2. I love being out of traffic
...C. Etc...
What do I do? I want to ride a bus to take care of the gas problem, but that just increases the time problem. I should just recruit biotechnology companies to Utah county. I just need to prepare a convincing argument to lure companies from L.A., Boston, Houston, etc..., get them to move out here, work for them for a year, and then convince them to move to San Francisco so me and Becca can live there.

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Celia said...

That picture scares me to death...and I love it.