Monday, April 21, 2008

The Final Final

Tomorrow I will take an exam that will mark the end of an era. No more stress from here on out. I'll be done with school. No more projects, no more exams, no more deciding whether or not I can afford to skip class to go get some Rice King. Now I only have low stress things like moving, getting married, and starting a career to worry about. It's funny, but a homework assignment stresses me out more than getting married and completely changing my way of life forever. I guess one main difference is that I WANT to get married and it's something I'm looking forward to rather than procrastinating and dreading. Also, I know that Becca won't be giving me a grade and judging me. I won't have to check blackboard continually to see if I'm getting a passing grade in Marriage.

Yesterday we had our interview with the stake president. Now all we need is a marriage license and we can get married. We could get one now and elope if we wanted to. We won't....but we could. If we wanted a civil marriage, we could have been married a long time ago. Alan could have gone online to become a minister and we could have performed the ceremony at Del Taco. I'd wear one of those T-shirts that looks like a tuxedo, and Becca would wear an old prom dress. Then we would feed each other tacos and playfully smash them into the other's face. Then everyone would take pictures as the taco grease dripped down our cheeks and chins. Hmmm...of course that sounds nice, but I like how we're doing things better. The reception is going to be awesome. Becca's going to wear a beautiful wedding dress and I'll have a kicking tuxedo complete with ivory suspenders (you won't see them, but I'll have them). I'm grateful that Becca's family is putting everything together and giving us such an awesome wedding. They're working really hard and doing so much to put it all together.


Becca said...

You think I'm not going to judge and give you a monthly report?

Katy said...

Can we stage that Del Taco wedding anyway just for funsies? It sounds pretty rad. Can I be a flower girl and throw grated cheese on the assembled crowd?