Tuesday, March 11, 2008

College Park

This may not be exactly what our new apartment looks like, but it's pretty close if you ask me. It's so nice to know where we're going to live, although it would have been fun to get married, come back to Provo, and live in our car for a semester. I'm a little nervous since this guy hasn't emailed me the instructions for taking over his contract. Right now all we have is a verbal agreement that isn't worth the verbs it's printed on.

I think I'm going to copy Becca who copied Kayla. I only have time to tell you how I know one person right now though.

Becca- The first time I remember speaking to Becca was at a ward prayer when I was introduced to her and about 20 people named "Katy". We didn't really get to talk much at that opportunity. The turning point in our getting-to-know-each otherness was at another ward prayer some time later when we twisted underneath the twizzler toe and talked about the Hudsucker Proxy. Our relationship didn't flourish then because I was dating Chelsea and soon she was dating Adam (Chelsea and Adam later dated each other. Life is funny that way.) After a few months I was single and began to admire Becca from afar, but didn't dare take action since she belonged to another. I would hang out with her and Adam, but I remember one specific time when Adam left the room and it was just us two. I didn't trust myself to be alone with her, so I had to excuse myself and return to my apartment. I did, however, have hopes for the summer. Relationships rarely last a summer break, so maybe...just maybe the fall semester could host the birth of our love. The last day of the semester, I was in the BYU bookstore buying a blue book for my history final exam (I got a B on the exam), when I saw Becca with a handsome young man. Oh no! How can I compete with him? Luckily he turned out to be her dad. She introduced me as Kyle Vaughn and said that I was a "really big deal." Wow! Me? a really big deal? We had a short little conversation in line where Greg, her dad, offered me a loan of 38 cents to buy my blue book. If only I had known that at that very moment in the basement of the BYU bookstore Becca and I were both...simultaneously.....single. Becca left for the summer and as far as I knew she and Adam were still dating. I went to Chicago and when I came back, Becca's facebook status had changed to SINGLE! She had posted a comment on facebook asking me how Chicago was, so I responded. I wanted clarification on her relationship status, but couldn't ask it in a facebook comment, and I was too chicken to send her an email, so I told her a bit about Chicago and said, "how's life." I know. I'm really smooth. Her response was, "life could be better, but DANG that bean is shiny". Yes, Rebecca Kay Anderson, life could be better and I want to be the one to make it better. May 14th she sent me a facebook message and I called her the next day while I was doing laundry in the Wash Hut. We spoke for a little bit. I called again the next week. I went to Texas and we spoke some more. Soon we were talking every other night, and that turned into every single night for the rest of the summer. When it was time for her to come back to Provo we were both nervous? What if we don't know how to talk to each other in person? What if we're doomed to only know happiness in a long distance phone relationship? What if we have different expectations of how our relationship should progress? Luckily there was nothing to worry about. There were some awkward times, but we moved past them and got to know each other better. We opened up, confessed our thoughts, and fell in love. I discovered later that I didn't ever want to live without her and asked her to be my wife. Now we're waiting for the time we can go to the temple and "seal" the deal. Get it? Seal? Seriously. We're going to share covenants. Baptism was just between me and God. Getting the priesthood was also just between me and God. The temple ordinances I've received were also between me and God. But this time it will be between us and God. We'll be making covenants with God and each other. I'm excited for it. Rebecca K. Vaughn. Becca & Kyle. rVk. "Schmec" and "I'm Kyle". I like the sound of it.


Christy said...

That was awesome Kyle. Danny was going to sleep but I had to read most of it to him because it was so cute. I'm so glad you love Becca. I knew you were the one for her when I saw her being completely herself around you. You are now one for the few people that know Becca-all of Becca. I'm so excited for you to be an official member of the family.

Christy said...

Sorry to comment again but I was just thinking about timing. When Becca and Adam broke up before during finals she was probably a little bumbed-but she had no idea what was really waiting for her and how perfect the timing was. I think it is awesome that you guys got to know each other long-distance. Timing is just cool. (PS- when I heard about you fall of '06 I connected her name with yours-crazy!)

Scotty said...

It is fun to hear the other side of the story. Good on ya lad. (most effective said with a Scotish accent.)

Hudsucker Proxy! I love that movie. "You know... It's for kids."

Becca said...

I want to comment on your comments (that I just barely read, don't know how that happened)

Yes, you are awesome and cute and love me.

Yes, I was a little bummed--but only a little, and only briefly, because I had YOU. Yes, I remember Christy saying that Rebecca Vaughn sounded good, back at Christmastime 06. Yes that is crazy.

Yes, Hudsucker Proxy is lovable.