Thursday, February 28, 2008


I feel so loved. It's great. All these years of pretending it wasn't my birthday. What was I thinking? Becca and Katy introduced me to birthday week and it was awesome! Now I know what it means to be showered in gifts. Katy gave me some awesome new threads that have added some much needed variety to my wardrobe. Until a few days ago I never realized that I don't own a single green T-shirt. I do now! And it has a slogan that makes you think. Greg and Karen got me a hip cool cardigan. Alan got me the super magnets I've been playing with. Hannah got me some candy, go-fish cards, etc. . Becca went all out. She's amazing. She got me new scriptures so that I can be spiritual enough for her :) , and a bathrobe that isn't too short for me. My favorite gift this year was the book that Becca made for me. It's the coolest thing this side of Jupiter. It tells the story of how we met and fell in love; complete with pictures, blogs, journal entries, emails, g-chats, and facebook messages. It's so cool to have a hard copy of these memories. That's a problem with this digital age. You have to pull out a computer and plug it into a wall just to relive some cherished memories. Thank you everyone for all the awesome gifts. There is a lot more I could say about five buck pizza, a cake party, delicious frosting and many other birthday treats, but I should be packing and getting ready to go to California. Oh... and if I've forgotten to mention a gift, I'm sorry. I'm just in a hurry. Peace.

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