Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm going to write in my blog.

Fabulous....A Poem by Kyle

Overanxious whistle cues,
lighting always naked hues,
Wishing, falling, letting shoes,
Drinking overcrowded booze.

Fly around me Mr. Brown,
Tie me on the rhino frown,
Knock me, Knock me, Knock me down,
Lactose intolerant Purple Town.

October rolls, or does it not?
Selling wigs, you think you're hot?
Doing jigs, you want some pot?
Cereal bowls, they all you've got?

Ligaments and upholstery,
Climbing up the taco tree,
Handing down for all to see,
It's so great when it is free.

This poem reveals a lot about my inner soul and deepest thoughts......NOT. It might make a good song. Life has been mostly work for me. I had some time off today which is nice, but soon I'll be at Dillards again. Tomorrow will be great. No work at all. Just church and relaxation. I wish I had some really good stories, but nothing is really coming to mind. I'll try to keep better track of my life happenings this week.

Hmmm... I just read my poem again, and I thought I was randomly choosing words and phrases, but I bet I know why I thought of each one, For example, climbing up the taco tree is probably a mixture between del taco Tuesday and Cannon's job.


Becca said...

That could totally be a Pavement song...which makes you Stephen Malkmus...which makes you an indie-rock demi-god. Whoa.

Whitney said...

I really like it-it would make a wicked song!

Lillian said...

Do you already have a manager? Because if not, I dibs it! "You're goin to be wearin gold plated diapers when I get through with you."