Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Lone Star State

My sister's wedding was a success. The florist never showed up, but it turned out okay because one of my sister's friends was able to quickly make up some bouquets right before the wedding, and my mom went to the florist on Monday and chewed them out royaly. The wedding made me really appreciate modestly dressed women. The brides maids and everyone in the wedding party looked great. Some of the dresses were immodest by LDS standards, but they weren't that bad. Some other people at the wedding, however, were quite scantily clad. I'm glad I go to BYU where girls know how to dress. The food was amazing, and there was lots of it...mmmmmm. I get hungry again just thinking about it. The past few days, Braxton and I have just been hanging out. We don't have anything to do, so we just sit and talk about the fact that we should be doing something. It's great. It reminds me of old times. I would post some pictures, but I forgot that little cable thing I need to hook my camera up to a computer.

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