Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Greenwald Curse

Jared left and suddenly everyone is being injured. What's up with that? So far nothing major has happened to me, but I live in constant fear. Who will be next? What will happen? How do we break the curse?

Here are some pictures of me with different styles of facial hair. Tell me what you think and vote for your favourite!




Becca said...

D. Definitely D.

Thank you for giving me the gift of seeing you with facial hair. It means a lot.

Whitney said...

i's really hard-none of em' look bad tho i'm not a huge fan of mustaches tho the second to last one is hilarious!

Sara Elise said...

obviously f.

Anonymous said...

This is tuff. I keep going back and forth between A and C. A is very rugged and cool. C is very Count of Monte Cristo ...way cool!

Lillian said...

Number A most certainly has my vote. You rock that beard.

Kyle said...

Thanks for your comments! If I were to have facial hair, it would probably be C. I like A a lot, but it gets too itchy and uncomfortable.