Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Break

So far so good.

I met Mama Bluffs!

She's a really cool mom. It was kind of mysterious since no one had met her before. I was afraid that she would be this scary dictatorial woman who ruled the Bluffs family with an iron fist and had no interest in knowing their friends. Boy were my fears unwarranted. She's really friendly and seemed excited to meet all of us non-Bluffs. She likes to take pictures and keep track of all the cute things her kids do. She even wrote down all the nick names we've given them. Some of her hobbies include making crafts and scrap booking.

Whit and I were honorary members of the Bluffs family!

We drove up to somewhere past Ogden so that we could have thanksgiving dinner in a chapel there. The drive was fun. Good music was played. Bad music was played. Ok music was played. We covered the spectrum. While waiting for dinner I threw around the football with the girls while the other guys played basketball. I'm not very competitive and I could tell that the basketball players were. Council Bluffs broke his foot off during the game, but he's tough so we just stuck it back on and now he just has a swollen ankle. Then we played some football. Then we ate a delicious turkey dinner. Then we went to a house and ate pie. Then we watched Mission Impossible III. Then we drove back to Provo. Then we watched The da Vinci Code while some people played risk. Then I went home and fell asleep.

I worked a lot.

Wednesday I put in 8 hours at the lab, worked 5 hours at the Smith Field house, and labored 3 hours at the Marriott Center cleaning up after the game. Friday I didn't have to go to the lab, but I worked the same shifts at the Field house and Marriott Center.

I fell in love with an Arabian princess.

Obviously a big fat lie.

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Lillian said...

You know, I always wanted to fall in love with an Arabian princess. Too bad that's probably never going to work out for me. Oh well, foreign people really aren't that cool anyway.