Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Room, My Refuge

This is my room. Well, actually it's my side of a room of which I am a co-owner. I like it in my room. Not many people have been in my room (mostly just my roommates), so I thought I'd give everyone a short tour. This is my desk. I get most of my stuff done here. If we've ever chatted online, I was most likely sitting right here. Some key features are my computer, my Gremlins poster, and my junk.
This is the shelf we had installed right in the middle of the room. I use it to put stuff on. You'll notice pictures of me and Jenny, a yellow furby key chain, clocks, and other stuff.
And this is my cork board. It houses my assignment tracker, the names of the guys and gals that I home teach. A small piece of note card that says "CPM" in bubble letters, and an index card with a few things that I mustn't forget. To the right of my cork board you'll see "El Bruto" and "Senor Skateboard". As far as I know, a girl has never set foot in this room. When I lived on Kingsbury street back in Amarillo, Texas there was only one time that a girl other than a relative entered my room. I was gone doing something and the Young Women in the ward invited themselves in and "decorated" it. I felt like my sanctuary had been violated. I got over it though.


Lillian said...

I wish you lots of peace between your three selves... as well as an unviolated sanctuary. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Whitney said...

now honestly, is your room always that clean or did you clean up before the picture?

Kyle said...

I clean my room two or three times a week usually, so, it's not always this clean. You caught me.

Alan said...

I could mirror all of these pictures in Photoshop and make a post about my side of the room.