Friday, September 22, 2006


I turned down a job. It rocked. I went in to the interview lookin' real sharp and all confident and such. I said all the right things in the interview and tried to portray myself as the model employee. Then he asked why I was interested in working at Sento. I said straight up that the tuition reimbursement is what made me consider them. Then he got all nervous and tiptoed around the whole tuition thing. He didn't know any details and I figured the tuition reimbursement wasn't what it seemed. I started to negotiate a higher pay, but he made it sound like he has no control over it and every one starts with the same pay. After he said that I could work there and was showing me the shifts I could work, I told him that I wasn't going to take the job. Then I walked out and drove home. HA! That shows you and your kind! WASTE OUR TIME WITH APPLICATIONS THAT ARE NEVER CONSIDERED AND EMPTY PROMISES OF PROMOTION AND HIGHER WAGES!!!!! Well now I'll waste YOUR time! I'll turn YOU down! I'll tell YOU that I may reconsider you in 60 days! REVENGE IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alan said...

Kyle. You have achieved the employee's dream. I'm going to reject A's from my teachers because I don't want them. I'm going to reject girls because THEY don't deserve ME and not the other way around. (I'm lying about the girls.)

Nobody knows about my Mythic Flow blog and I finally decided to shut it down. My most recent posts are too specific and personal, and they would have enabled any innocent websurfer to ruin my life. Your blog is now a vessel for my blog.

Alan's blog

Life sucks because it's full of crappy people. Virtually all conflict results from incongruent expectations.

Juicy bits about girls:

How can I be expected to keep going like this? The logic side of my brain(the northleft side) and the girl-liking side(the upper foreback side) are fighting norm-style more than they have for a long time. My problem isn't obvious. But I might crack soon and surprise a lot of people.

Ok, what I meant to say was "life is great despite all the crappy people." I'm trying not to be one of the crappy people.

Kyle said...

How do we post comments to YOUR blog? Oh. I guess like that.