Saturday, September 23, 2006


There is no resemblance between the two of us. But. There will be. I love a challenge.


Whitney said...

oh....i can see it.

Alan said...

Kyle. You're going down. "beat Kyle" really means "beat Kyle UP."

Boring bits about classes:

I have homework for all of my classes that I'm supposed to have been doing this weekend. Yeah. Whoops.

Juicy bits about girls:

I got some new gloves. They're impressive. I won't be able to keep those girls offa me.

Impressive bits about my achievements:


Lillian said...

Oh, it will be brought- don't you worry. Good thing I have a whole posse of girls ready to work as my special attack force. They specialize in such things as hi-jacking mannequins and stealing pianos. You'd better watch your back.

Plus, in order to be like the man of steel you need to learn the technique of keeping your face silky-smooth.

Becca said...

You're hot.