Sunday, September 10, 2006

Guy's Night

Well, although Girl's nights may be fun, we opted for a Guy's night instead. It turned out to be a great success. We all left the experience a little older and a little wiser. Some important male bonding really strengthened all parties involved. Now it's time to get some shut eye. Stake Conference will be starting pretty dang early tomorrow. Here is our band with our new single, "Is She Just Being Friendly?" Alan about to kill Gavin in a game of Stair Master 2000
Council Bluffs and Alan elevating their thoughts.They just can't find anywhere to practice in private. They sure look comfortable though. Bravin the Gorlock!!!
Look out!! He's going to get you!!
Preparing for the game. Batters Up!Me, a little wet.That puddle is from water balloons. I swear. I haven't had that problem in weeks.That's my fault for choosing Dare, but it was better than answering THAT question.

1 comment:

Alan said...

Kyle. You can't choose "dare" AFTER you hear the question. The gorlock is gonna getcha.

But your shoulder blades are positively radiant, you questionable wad of irregular toenail clippings.