Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Reckless Kelly

Now I'm on the lookout for a new movie: Reckless Kelly. It's made by the Australian Director, Writer, Producer, and Actor, Yahoo Serious. So far I don't think it has been released on DVD and none of the video stores carry it, even though they do have his other works such as, Young Einstein and Mr. Accident. For now I'm keeping an eye on eBay to see if I can find it for cheap. My classes went okay today. Before work I was trying to open up a can of spaghetti sauce with our piece of vraag can opener, I got mad and threw it away. Since it was thrown away and I wasn't about to reach into the garbage and restore it to it's post, I went to Smith's and bought a new heavy duty one. This sucker is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of can openers. Later, on my way to work, I listened to the Eagle's cassette that Chelsea gave me. I arrived at Dillard's early so I just sat in my car and kept listening to the tunes before clocking in.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

I spent the morning getting the final touches done for my presentation in my Molecular Biology lab. I knew everything about the Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone that I was assigned to study. Before I left, I thought of a scripture that I wanted to share. So, I grabbed my scriptures and tried to find it as I walked to my class. Then, out of nowhere, I ran into one of my favorite zone leaders from the mission. I asked where the scripture was and he found it right away. FYI, the scripture was Alma 30:44. The presentation itself could have gone better, but I also got back my last exam and saw that I made a 100 percent on it. After work, I watched Run Lola Run with Chelsea and Council Bluffs. If you loved, Groundhog Day, The Bourne Identity, The Fifth Element, One Crazy Summer, and Schulze Gets the Blues, then Run Lola Run is the movie for you.

Monday, April 3, 2006

I'm going to give up on trying to figure out the code to Route 22's door. They can even punch it in right in front of me and I won't even bother to look. They can all feel free to let their guard down. That's right, they can go ahead and let their guard down. I'm no threat. No siree. No threat here. Not at all. Nope. No threat. (fingers crossed). After work I stopped by Route 22 because Chelsea said she had something for me. What she had for me was one of the most thoughtful gifts that I have received in a long time. She knew that all I ever listen to in my car is R.E.M and the Ghostbuster Soundtrack, so she gave me some new cassette tapes. Now I have a good variety and don't have to listen to the same thing every time I get into my car. She's so great. Later, we went to the park to do some swinging, and then just sat and chatted for a while. We also did an anti-snow dance to ward off any evil winter spirits. At the end of the night she agreed to let me be her boyfriend. YIPEE!!! And, I hate to jump to any conclusions, but I think that also means that she's my girlfriend. YIPEE!!! I've been on cloud nine ever since. (I don't really know what that expression means, but I think that it applies to what I've been feeling)

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