Sunday, March 12, 2006

Snake Water

You know in the pac man game when between levels a ghost chases pac man off the screen and then a giant pac man comes back and chases the ghost off the screen? That is the relationship I have with chemistry. It was chasing me, but now the tables have turned and I'm the one doing the chasing. I am going to kick chemistry's butt.
Saturday we woke up early to film our music video. We only got three takes before I had to go and get ready for work so we didn't achieve perfection before showing it at the ward film festival. Everyone did a really good job with their videos. I am genuinly impressed with all the talents of the people in the ward. Great senses of humor, great editing ablility, great showmanship. We are all greaful for and indebted to Councilina Bluffs for putting our performance on a DVD and getting it ready for Saturday night.

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