Thursday, March 16, 2006

Grappling Hooks and Friends

I got to hang out with Kendall and Nels and Ben and Kevin today. I skipped my chemistry class so I could go to Salt Lake with them. We saw the new Joseph Smith movie at temple square and checked out the almost completely abandoned malls. Nels wanted to go to a Ninja store to get some sandals so we went in search of it, but my car over heated and smoke started coming out of the hood. After going a few places and asking a few people for directions we finally found a Jiffy Lube. The guy there started working on the Intrepid immediately and offered us some hot chocolate while we waited. When he finished he told me that the radiator was bone dry, so he put in two bottles of antifreeze and a quart of oil and some power steering fluid. Then he tossed me my keys and said it was ready to go. I asked what I owed and he said, "nothing." I couldn't believe it. We thanked him and drove off. The car didn't over heat the rest of the trip. We found the ninja store and I bought a grappling hook that I will surely put to good use, and some chopsticks. The picture is of Braxton, Taylor, Me, Nels, and Kendall leaning against my other car before I left for Oregon.

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