Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Great Blessing

It's a miracle! Intrepid is alive! I am so grateful to the nice lady at the local Checkers Car Parts store, the manager of the apartments where I live, and Alan for all their help. Thanks to their quick thinking and knowledge we were able to free her from the cold and unforgiving grip of death. Today I'm just going to let her rest, but tomorrow we'll be back on the road. I'm afraid that even on this day of miracles I have some unsettling news to report... I had to drop my sewing class. I was sitting in class today, working on some samples that will be due soon and I realized that in order to finish them I would have to come in outside of class to work on them. Normally I wouldn't mind, but I already spend 8 hours a week in that class. After considering that this class will not give me credit towards my major, minor, or GE requirements in any way and that dropping it would free up 8 hours a week that could be used to study, travel, meet new people, serve in the community, draw, write my memoirs, date, cook, organize my affairs, do laundry, call my family, add to the apartment newspaper ball, teach myself how to sew, buy food, add phone numbers to my cell phone, change my screensaver, suck the helium out of balloons and sing Interpol songs, contemplate my purpose in this world, become certified in CPR, live life to its fullest, laugh, cry, borrow things and then return them promptly, expand my vocabulary, reestablish contact with long lost acquaintances, study, make snap judgments, whittle, beat Gavin in a game of one-on-one, whistle, develop courage, fix the blinds, joust, tell stories, listen to stories, go to Brazil and annoy Cuonicl Buflfs, and juggle, I decided that dropping the course was my only real option.

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