Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post of the Year

This is it. I'm not posting until next year. I'm sick with a cold and sitting home alone. I'm okay though because I have some Sunkist, Li'l Smokies, and Cookies n' Cream ice cream. Later on I'll be watching the new Karate Kid movie from Netflix. For now I'm flipping through channels and watching funny Youtube videos. Here's one I just found.

I've tried this. It's amazing! I never knew how inefficient I was at taking my shirt off. I'll be doing it at midnight to celebrate. Sorry you can't be here to see it.

The new Rocky movie is on. I can't remember anything about it. Does that mean I can watch it again, or does it mean it's not worth watching?

TV is really letting me down! When should I start watching Karate Kid? I think it'll have to be soon. Videos like these continue to entertain me though.

Rocky was pretty good! I am absolutely insane with amazement that a guy with a half paralyzed face, a beautician father, and the name Sylvester could create such notoriously tough characters like Rambo and Rocky. I also find it interesting that some of the few republicans in Hollywood are Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and Kelsey Grammer. That's right. Join the Republican Party and you'll have Rambo, The Terminator, Walker Texas Ranger, John McClane, and Frasier Crane in your corner. Those are some tough cookies. If you prefer Sean Penn, well, good luck with that.

So far I'm loving the new Karate Kid. The age group is maybe a little too young, but I still like it. I think seeing teenagers beat each other up is more exciting than preteens.

Karate Kid is over. Now I'm watching Reba McEntire singing on Fox. Not really how I want to end this year. Hmmm... Ryan Seacrest isn't any better and Dick Clark makes me sad. NBC, don't let me down! Carson Daly? Well, I guess he's as good as it's gonna get. You and me Carson. Let's bring in the new year.



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Kaity said...

my favorite part of the new karate kid was the very end where lil will smith gives that punk kid a one legged back-flip kick to the face. and his corn rows.