Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Decisive, Derisive, or Divisive

I need to be one of these three things, but I can’t decide which one. Oh wait, now I can! I’m decisive! I did it!

These phrases will no longer be common in my vocabulary when making a decision.

What do YOU want?
I’m up for anything
I don’t care
I don’t know

When making a decision that involves other people, my main focus is usually determined by what I think other people want me to decide. This is very considerate/annoying of me. If Becca asks me what I want for dinner, chances are she’s asking because she wants to know what I want for dinner. When deciding I need to first evaluate my wants and needs, then I’m allowed to ask, “What might Becca want?”, but if the answer to that question is I’m not sure, or I don’t know, it can’t be taken into consideration when making my decision. Too often I’ll debate in my mind for hours about whether or not Becca secretly wants to eat out, or stay in, or cook something fancy, or make some Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, that no decision is ever made by me. If; however, I remember that Becca has been wanting to try a new Indian dish, and that sounds like fun to me, I can say, “How about you make a list of ingredients for that Chicken Tikka Masala and I’ll run to the store and pick them up?”

My desire to please other people also results in me deferring to “I don’t know, what do YOU want to do?” OMG, other than “OMG” that is the most annoying thing I can say. It’s such a cop out! It says “I’m too weak and pathetic and lazy and unintelligent and indecisive and absentbackboned to think of anything. You do all the work for me instead” Here is a better way...

Scenario 1

Someone in group: “What should we do?”
Kyle: (First activity with positive connotations that pops into my head) “Let’s watch Seinfeld!”

Scenario 2

Becca: “Kyle, what do you want to do?”
Kyle: (First activity with positive connotations that pops into my head) “Watch Seinfeld!”

Okay, I see a problem with this method now. Seinfeld will ALWAYS be the answer. Let’s make it the second activity with positive connotations that pops into
my head.

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Karen said...

You are hilarious!