Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gave Ruby her Baby Blessing

This one happened on November 7th. It's amazing how nerve wracking it was to stand up in front of the entire church and give her a blessing. I'm sure it was just the pressure. Becca's parents came from California and my parents came from Wyoming plus other people came from places closer, but still out of the way all for something that probably lasted less than a minute. Ruby was really good and didn't cry at all. THAT helped a ton. In fact, because of her good behavior, I'm willing to overlook the incident when she pooped all over the wall during one of my first times to change her diaper.

I've decided that more than anything, I want Ruby to have confidence. If she can have confidence in God, and herself, and her parents, and the way the world works, it will be easy for her to be happy. I know that second guessing things has caused me way too much heartburn in my life. I want "what if?" to be a constructive question and not one of worry for Ruby. "What if?" should help her consider risk before making a decision, and not plague her with worry about things out of her control.

So, Ruby, if you are reading this several years in the future, remember that as long as you do what you know is right and don't abandon your values, everything will work out one way or another. You'll know that trials are opportunities to grow and learn and not punishment for anything you've done. So, find your values early and hold on to them tightly.

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Danny and Christy Leininger said...

That was really sweet Kyle. You're right-a natural confidence really gives a person a leg up-and is especially important for a little girl. I'm so glad she slept right through it so you didn't have to complete with wailing! I love that picture too.