Monday, May 17, 2010

Opening of the Vaughn Vault

"When I had a safe, I was a child. When I forgot the combination to that safe, I was a child. When I opened the safe without a combination, I became a man." --Ralph Waldo Emerson ....or not

I did have a safe as a kid and I also forgot the combination. My parents have been lugging it around with them every time they move, but a couple of weeks ago they brought it with them when they visited. After a couple of minutes trying to listen for clicks while turning the dial, Alan and I decided that brute force would be the best way to crack this safe. With the help of a hammer and Alan's tire iron, we did it.

What was so important that it had to be kept in a safe? COMIC BOOKS!!! Oh Yeah!


KJV said...

What! No twenty dollar bill? Thanks for documenting the big event.

Katy said...

I was hoping for a preserved human organ, at the very least.

Celia said...

Now what are you going to do if someone tries to steal them, kyle? They are OUT IN THE OPEN!