Sunday, December 06, 2009

The First Real Snow!

It's the first real snow of the season, and I am so excited! It's time for snowmen, snowball fights, snow angels, snow tag, snow fiscal planning, and snow reading news online! It's time for Christmas music, which I'm listening to right now, hot chocolate, which I'll be having a little bit later, and wrapping presents, which Becca has taken care of so far this year.

This year is a Vaughn Christmas, so we're headed to Amarillo for a week. I think the last time we went was for Braxton's wedding. I'm looking forward to seeing friends and family that I haven't seen in a while and eating at Rosa's Cafe Tortilla Factory! If you are ever going anywhere in Texas you should go here first and see if there is a Rosa's near by. If you have a GPS in your car, I would recommend marking all the locations, just in case.

Just because it's snowing doesn't mean we can't still enjoy some summertime pleasures. Today we're having a cookout on our balcony. The menu includes steak, grilled asparagus, rolls, fettuccine, and fruit punch. I'm salivating. I really am. This is going to be good.


Cannon said...

I have a ham. A full-blown stinkin' ham. We should throw that on your balcony and cook it. It'll be the best Christmas ever.

crazyhans said...

you're so lucky that u have snow in your country!! i maybe a stranger to u but..oh well i'm just commenting