Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Becca!!! Come Back!!!

I'm fine. I don't need anyone. I'm independent. :,(

What I learned today.
The reason chicken has to be cooked all the way through is that it is spongier than beef and pork. Steak and pork are thick enough that all the bacteria stays on the surface of the meet so a quick toss on the grill is enough to kill any bad stuff. Chicken on the other hand has bacteria throughout and therefore needs to be cooked all the way through to ensure a safe piece of meat.

Something about me.
An episode of "Friends" has made me cry.

What I'm Doing
I'm watching a Disney Channel movie. I just had a corn dog for dinner, so I'm thinking of getting something else to eat before I call it a night. I'm living the dream.


Celia said...

Did you get food poisoning!!? Are you ok? Also, what episode of Friends. Haha. You crack me up. And enjoy the Disney Channel! Last time I checked, they were playing Even Stevens reruns. Good stuff. Young Shia.

Becca said...

I miss you!

Saying that chicken is "spongy" makes me want to throw up.

Cannon said...

What?! What do you mean you're still learning things about cooking?! I totally asked you instructions for cooking Smokies! Am I gonna die?

Kyle said...


If the lil' smokies were pre-cooked(which they probably were) no worries. You'll be fine.

If they weren't pre-cooked, worries. You're going to die.