Thursday, June 18, 2009


Some ideas just aren't good. Most of them are mine. Some examples:

1. Wearing shredded jeans, a corduroy jacket covered in buttons and a propeller beanie to middle school.

2. Challenging the intelligence of a would be mugger.

3. Buying a guitar with the sole purpose of painting it blue and smashing it against a brick wall. (It was a small guitar)

Those may be bad ideas, but they are bad ideas that I'm not so secretly proud of.

I just got back from watching 17 Again. It was the best movie ever made, but that's beside the point. Here's the thing. This idea has been made into approximately a million movies and I've seen them all, but here's the thing. Here's the point. This time I felt closer to Matthew Perry than I did Zac Efron. I guess technically I'm closer to 17 than I am to 40, but I feel like I saw the same old story of being thrown back into high school but from a new perspective. I think I'll post an age progression of what I will look like when I'm 40. Here it is.

And here is an age regression of what I will look like when I'm 40 and fall into a magical vortex that makes me 17 again.


Alan said...

You had a painted moustache? Hey, the word this time is "fugonons," and a Google search returns no results. That makes me want to post about fugonons.

Becca said...

No matter the age, you look mighty fine.